The Cordrey family has lived in Carmel Valley for five generations. Originating as the Fords, Byington and Tirey Ford founded and developed Carmel Valley including but not limited to the airport and Garland Park.

Today, we own and operate a full service construction company striving to provide an exceptional product with great service at a competitive price. We work with many local and federal government agencies including Cal Fire, National forest service, Monterey Regional Parks District, Carmel River Steelhead Association, Water Management, and many more.


We work with a variety of customers and approach each job with the same careful process. Our meticulous preparations include establishing realistic deadlines, detailed budgets, and precise project specifications.

We work hard to bring your vision to life, and that means sourcing the highest quality materials, recommending cost-saving alternatives wherever appropriate, and maintaining honest and open feedback throughout the process.


Justin Cordrey

President / Cordrey Construction

Justin was trained to be a builder and finish carpenter by his father and uncles, but has since evolved into running the business. His current responsibilities include project management, estimating, running daily operations, and being the ecotonal hands on building and heavy equipment operating.

Dean Cordrey

Vice President / Cordrey Construction

Dean is trained to be a master heavy equipment operator under the employment of Carmel Valley Construction. He has assisted in the building of many major developments including Tehama Golf Club, Carmel Valley Village Estates, Bayonet Black Horse golf course, River Meadows Estates, and many more. His current operations include running and managing all major grading and excavating projects. Dean is also a firefighter for Cal Fire And the National Forest Service as a hired vendor.

Byington Cordrey

Secretary / Cordrey Construction

Byington has been a master builder and finish carpenter since the early seventies. He started Cordrey Construction in 1999 and has built and remodeled hundreds of homes in the area. His current operations include project management, consulting and high-end finish carpentry.